Help Your Child Learn and Socialize

Help Your Child Learn and Socialize

Enroll your child in our preschool program located in New Milford, CT

The first few years of a child's life are some of the most critical for their learning and development. You want to make sure your child has all the support they need to grow, learn and socialize safely.

Minds In Motion Childcare's preschool program in New Milford, CT provides each child with a safe space to explore and learn with other children their age. When you're ready to book your child's spot, you can contact our childcare center to discuss the program. We'll go over everything with you and make sure you feel comfortable and confident in our preschool program before you begin.

Call 860-799-0735 to find out more.

What you can expect from our program

We let children explore and be themselves. Our program includes:

Learning various skills based on the child's age and interests
Helping children build relationships and prepare for kindergarten
Structured lessons like sign language and music lessons where they are introduced to a weekly instrument

We tailor our program to your child's unique needs. Our curriculum is based on Connecticut State ELDS. Ask about anything from music lessons to socialization when you call today.

3 Year Old Class

Your child will be introduced to letters, numbers, science and creative arts both individually and in group settings. Children do not need to be fully potty trained. Our staff will assist in the training.

4 and 5 Year Old Class

Our 4 and 5-year-old classes will build on what they learned in the 3-year-old class. They will work on sentence building, reading short stories, and early math skills. We also have weekly readers for the children. By the end of the year, your child will have a mini library with all the books they have read!